Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 8

I have to say that this week has been really hard for me we started by doing the project report which was due to last Wednesday so I had  a lot of work to do. Organize the ideas to complete the categories  was my main concern this week . I didn’t get the right form I guess after all, but I think I am ready to make the necessary changes for the next week.

The task for this week  was to create a course site or an exercise to use online or offline. I have to say that  I created a course in Nicenet, and because my students are still not well skilled using this kind of tool, I will use it  first with my English colleagues. I am planning to share with them evething I’ve learned in the course. Because my idea is share files, links and work with some exercises from the web and due to the limited time my students have because of their work ,  I have chosen the blog where I will share every week the activities they must practice, these ones  include listening, writing and the use of some  grammar structures learned in classroom. They will be able to make comments about the online exercises, or otherwise I will also chose an interesting  topic to discus about.

This week we also had some  sites to explore and I consider  most of them extraordinary tools that can help us in our teaching process. I found really interesting the hot potatoes page at I was always interested in finding tools to create interactive exercises and I have already checked some on the web, but my question always was , how they were designed? Now I have clarified my doubt, and with a useful tool like hotpotatos It will be easy to create exercises for the students to do online, offline or to print out. I like the variety of options that hot potatoes offers like the JBC,The Jquiz,the Jcloze,the Jmix, Jmatch . I personally love the Jmatch and the Jmix all these tools helps us to create matching, cloze, scrambled sentence, and multiple choice exercises and crossword puzzles which we always need when we plan a lesson. I have noticed my students like to work in the computer and once I tried a similar sample with them they enjoyed a lot because the liked when they had an immediate feedback to correct their mistakes.

Referring to ANVILL, I consider it as an advanced resource which provides updated tools to work with audio and video. This tool is fantastic but requires our students to have an intermediate or advanced level of English to participate on the Tcast, livechat or forums. Mastering the use of this tool could be quite useful for teachers and students because it is definitely a good complement in English learning. I think the use of this tool could  definitely encourage students to become more autonomous and because  these kind of tools are interactive they enjoy a lot using the computer instead of working in books. 


  1. Dear Vilma, hang in there! I was really busy this week also, there is a lot of writing to do for this course. I think that if you just add the correct titles, the content of your project report was fine. Thanks for your constructive criticism also, I will respond on the wiki!

  2. Hello Vilma,

    I completely agree with you that this week was so hard. We have to do our projects' drafts and to take care not to miss any part of it. But I have to say that it was really interesting when we had a session with Jeff. It was so exciting experience.

    Wish you everything the best!


  3. Hello, Vilma,

    This week was hard for me, too. Thank you for your precise comment on our project wiki. I will put my comment later. You do not need to worry about the form, I think. The right form has almost the same style, so you need a little change.

    I looked at your class blog today. It was great! Students can review what they need to understand and study independently outside the classroom. I believe I should create my class blog, too.

  4. Dear Vilma

    I know that working on the project has been difficult, but I am sure that with your partner's suggestions everything is going to be fine. Regarding your task, congratulations on your nicenet, I am sure it is going to be a really good choice in your classes.


  5. Thank you everybody for your comments I am very motivated now, and I am sure all of us are going to have a good end in our projects. I think to master something we always need to make some mistakes and It is never too late to give a new try to our ideas and make things better. I really wish you a really nice week dear partners.