Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 4 Developing reading and writing skills

This week has been very rewarding. First because I found out new ways to develop writing and reading skill . After reading all the links provided at from Adam Mickiewicz University.I Could see that there is a lot of kind of resources to use with our students on the web like for example the use of e-mails and key pals to enhance writing could be a very interesting way to motivate our students to find friends and chat with other people from all over the world using the English Language to express real situations .I could also find some sites to improve reading and how we can guide students to develop thinking skill thought analyzing online materials, reading books and also checking some sites where we can find different topics to read, talk about and even make a comment and give opinions about. This topics include news, cultures, sports, education and technology and could be widely discussed.

Checking the multi-skills web sites. I could find many which can be perfectly used with students in classroom. They allow us to practice grammar, vocabulary acquisitions, games, quizzes question and answers and thousand of topics to improve listening, reading and writing skills. I really liked this site from Lauri's website at I also found interesting to use this site which has very useful exercises for all levels.

I also learned how to Create a technology-enhanced lesson plan following the template provided. I have never tried to create a lesson plan in this way so it was new for me and I consider it is quite summarized and set specific aspects to threat while creating a lesson plan.

Finally a had to post again some information about the class with which I work and I could also talk about some issues that I have in my learning environment. I know I have to consider these issues to find solutions and to apply in the future in the English learning process with my students.


  1. Hi Vilma,
    I also think key pals connection with students around the world could enhance their reading and writing skills plus they will gain lots of cultural knowledge. We are having the same experience that I have never created a technology-enhanced lesson plan before. It's quite rewarding to see how that kind of lesson can add variety to improve students' learning.
    Have a nice day!
    Zun Phyu

  2. Hi Vilma,
    Congrats that you have learnt all mentioned in your post am sure if well applied in your classroom, then you will have a wonderful class, motivated and recent.
    On my side as I used to point out everything in this cause is of great important as I never thought of having such advanced technology being integrated in the classroom.
    Kind regard