Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 6 Creating Students Centered Classes and Interactive Power Point

Hello Everybody

I ‘d like to start telling my experience during week six . This week our topic was creating students centered classes and Interactive Power point. With all the links and the information provided by our instructor Janine at  I could identify many useful techniques to use in small and large classes. It is important to consider that when we have   large classes 45 student in a classroom; it is sometimes a hard work to deal with every students and  make them work individually,  so in this case is very convenient to apply new techniques that allow students  to replace the traditional ways of learning. The idea of integrating technology is to encourage students and engage them to be part of their own learning process.
Cooperative work, the use of a blackboard for assessment and keeping students engaged in lectures are techniques that give students the opportunity to participate in groups and involve them  in an active construction of knowledge. Creating  a supportive environment could also help to get an active participation in learning process. I consider really interesting the he use of a blackboard for assessment  It help as an efficient tool to  test  students performance , provide automatic results and feedback It also save teacher grading time.

On the other hand I consider really important the use of power point presentation in our classes. I have found many tips to transform traditional presentation into interactive presentation. Using some action buttons, pictures, visual animations, sounds and other features we can create great interactive presentation to work with in large classes. I found also some templates we can use to create multiple-choice quizzes according to our needs. I made use of it to create a multiple choice quiz with the idea of practicing Information question and the use of the auxiliaries do/does. First I wrote some question, then I wrote the answers, I hid the ansnwers; when the students click during the test  If the answer is right the students will get a well done and if the answer is wrong the student will get a try again.

Referring to the  this week It  was quite rewarding I started asking my students for  their emails and for those who didn’t have one I asked them to create one, so they already have one, and in this they had to send  me an email telling me the importance to have an email and for what  they could use it. Then the second step was show them using a projector some sites to practice listening, and writing skills. I introduced them Randall’s Lab,  elllo and ellusions. com   and I explained them the importance of them and how they  can use  these tools to improve their  English learning inside and outside classroom  .  We tried in class  a listening exercise and the task was  get into the site again and explore their features and tools it offers,  Using this information we will have  next class a discussion about it .


  1. Hello Vilmita,

    What to say about Week 6? Every word is redundant. This week was also fabulous. We picked up many rewarding things which can facilitate our teaching in large classes. I really prefer On-line Assessment with Blackboard. In this way, we can actively interact with our students and we can test students' knowledge and measure students' progress at the same time.
    PBL is also constructive for large classes. Students can benefit a lot in many ways.
    On the other hand, I really like PowerPoint. This is also a rewarding tool which can help students to improve many skills. Therefore, it can be very, very interactive during the lessons especially when students prepare a presentation and they demonstrate it to the class.

    Kind regards


  2. Hello Vilmita,

    Am glad to hear from you that you have started integrating internet in the class that is great, I like your idea of asking your student have email address but may be to know I was adviced by one of the classmate that e-mail is not much good for academic as they are space bound and it is individual based very little sharing, also one may ask the friend to tell what was the emailed and ignore to visit his/her. A group class like Nicenet would be more recommended


  3. I agree with you Nicenet would be ideal, but in my case some of my students didn't even have an e-mail account, so that's why I had to start with this. Then when they will be more skilled using e-mails. I will apply Nicenet for the future classes.

    Thanks for you comment Nyinondi